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Does your child have trouble at school, at home, or with peers? Does he have difficulty learning, despite being smart and working hard? Is your child having trouble paying attention and staying organized? Are you concerned about her level of stress and anxiety? Does your child have frequent meltdowns? Do you wonder if your child is gifted?

The Summit Center can provide the answers to your questions. We offer psychological and educational services for children, adolescents, and families. Our assessments, consultation, and treatment can help make your child happier, more successful, and moving in the right direction.


Reach New Heights

Our team of psychologists and educators uses a collaborative, strengths-based approach to work with our clients. Our goal is to gain a comprehensive understanding of your child and provide a roadmap for making parenting and school decisions. Better understanding the “why” of your child’s behavior can provide relief to you as parents, teachers, and your child, and is often the first key step toward helping your child maximize his potential.

Call today to schedule an appointment at one of our offices in the San Francisco Bay Area or Los Angeles. We have helped hundreds of children, and we can help yours.

New! Make Your Worrier A Warrior

Make Your Worrier a Warrior New book by Dr. Dan Peters on how to help your child with anxiety. Plus companion guide written just for children. Now available.


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Sunday, May 18: Education and Enrichment Fair Los Angeles 2014, presented by the Parents Education League of Los Angeles, at UCLA Covel Commons. Free with RSVP. Learn More


Educating 2e Students

Twice-exceptional students may be underserved in schools today as it can be difficult to identify either their giftedness or their learning disability. Summit Center's Dr. Dan Peters is co-author of this peer-reviewed article from SAGE Open. READ THE ARTICLE


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Dr. Dan Peters explains asynchronous development, a common characteristic of gifted kids and teens. Click here to see more clips or to order the DVD.