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Taming the Worry Monster: Helping Your Child Deal With Stress and Anxiety
Dr. Peters describes a model for overcoming anxiety by understanding how the “Worry Monster” tricks children (and adults) into being scared. For both children and adults, viewers will learn about how the fear response works in our bodies, how our thoughts determine our emotions, and how changing our thoughts and facing our fears, will help us lead worry-free and more satisfying lives. Duration: 58 minutes. High resolution. $29.99 for unlimited viewing.

The Characteristics of Gifted Learners
Dr. Peters describes the characteristics of gifted learners and the factors that can influence or hinder their development. Viewers will learn risk factors that gifted children face, potential misdiagnoses, what it means to be twice-exceptional (2e), and how to nurture a gifted child’s growth – helping them to maximize their developmental potential. Duration: 1 hour 4 minutes. High resolution. $29.99 for unlimited viewing.



Clips from “Taming the Worry Monster” and “Characteristics of Gifted Learners,” along with additional material, can be viewed on Summit Center’s YouTube channel.

Summit Center Webinar Series

Recordings are available of these unique presentations from Summit Center professionals, talking about issues affecting your life and your family. Each webinar costs $29.99, or $19.99 if you purchase two or more (use promo code “multi”). Price includes unlimited viewing of the recording on demand.

Webinar recordings and full descriptions are available on Vimeo.

Psychosocial Development of Gifted Children – Webinar with Dr. Stephen Chou
Living With Intensity: Understanding the the Gifted Child – Webinar with Dr. Susan Daniels
Time Management Skills for Your Child – Webinar with Deanna Kim
Math Difficulties: Reasons and Remedies – Webinar with Dr. Nancy Knop
I can take care of myself! How come you didn’t wake me up? Navigating the Parent-Teen Relationship – Webinar with Dr. Dan Peters
Supporting Smart Girls – Webinar with Dr. Lisa White
Organizing Chaos: Solutions for Everyday Life in A Gifted Family – Webinar with Kathleen Crombie
Doodle, Draw & Paint with Susan: Creativity Classes for Parents, Teachers, and Kids (series)


First 5 Santa Clara County “Ask the Experts” Podcast series

Courtesy of First5 Santa Clara County’s “Ask the Experts” Podcast series:

Parent Footprint Podcast

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