Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Do you only work with gifted individuals?  No, our goal is to help all individuals realize their potential.  Therefore we work with all children and families.

2.  Do you take insurance?  We do not accept insurance. We will provide “Superbills” with the necessary treatment codes so that you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. However, we cannot guarantee reimbursement even with the Superbill.

You may want to check with your insurance company to find out what your plan will cover.

It is also important to note that insurance companies require a qualifying diagnosis to determine “medical necessity”. Thus, educational testing that does not identify a mental health diagnosis is most often not covered. However, our clients have had success using their Health Savings Accounts to pay for testing.

3.  Why should I get my child evaluated at Summit Center?   Our staff has expertise in the areas of learning, processing, emotional, behavioral, and developmental issues along with giftedness. We use a strength-based approach to find out what is “right” with your child, while also identifying and understanding your child’s weaknesses and challenges. While many evaluators work alone, Summit Center utilizes a team approach to our evaluations and capitalizes on the strengths of multiple professionals.

4. How do I get started and what does process include?   The first step is to contact us to arrange an initial consultation meeting. At this meeting we will gather information, discuss your concerns, and clarify your goals. We will then make recommendations and outline a collaborative plan of action. Contact information

5. How should someone prepare for evaluations/testing? Do what you can to ensure that the person being tested gets a good night’s rest and has a nutritious meal before arriving. Reduce pressure by planning for enough time to get here and try to keep the mood light and upbeat.

Please note: These assessments are intended to provide accurate information on current strengths and weaknesses so that appropriate recommendations such as school-related decisions can be made. Attempts to prepare for the content of the assessments will lead to practice effects and render the testing invalid, so please avoid any test preparation materials or websites.

6.  How long will it take to have testing results?   The amount of time it takes to complete an evaluation depends on the scope of the evaluation, amount of time needed to complete test administration, scheduling, and the number of evaluators involved in your child’s assessment. It will take a few weeks or more depending on the evaluation plan specifically tailored for your child. We do our best to accommodate timelines related to school or program admittance.

7. What is the cost? The cost of the evaluation is based on what is being assessed and the associated time it takes to complete the assessment. All services are billed at an hourly rate. Contact the office at (925) 939-7500 or (310) 478-6505 for more specific information.

8.  Why are neuropsychological evaluations costly?  Comprehensive evaluations are an investment in your child’s future. We at Summit Center recognize this and spend a considerable amount of time to give the best quality report and completely capture your child. Besides the time spent meeting with parents, children, and conducting testing, we spend a considerable amount of time working to understand the data and writing a thorough and user friendly report that will benefit a child in all aspects of their life.

9. What Covid protocols do you follow? To keep our staff, clients, and the community safe, we have implemented policies and protocols in line with the guidelines provided by Contra Costa Public Health, OSHA, and CDC. We complete thorough sanitization of office areas and equipment regularly. Families are welcome to wear masks or request that their clinician do so as well. We request that clients and their families do not come in to the office if sick.

10. Do you offer virtual Telehealth Services? We offer remote assessments, counseling, and consultation. Virtual testing or therapy outside of the state of California is dependent on licensing laws in your state or country of residence.

11. Do you see adults?   Yes, we do. Many of our services can also be beneficial to adults who may be struggling with giftedness, twice-exceptionality, learning differences, parenting, or other issues.