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May 2024 Summit Center Update: Shifting Perspectives. Last chance for autism webinar, new parenting podcast episodes from Dr. Dan, Gifted Home Education event, and SENG conference discount! https://conta.cc/44KiPgQ



April 2024 Summit Center Update: Embracing Neurodiversity: Webinar on Autism Spectrum Disorder next month; new parenting podcasts on affirming neurodiversity and more; last chance for Dr. Dan’s talk tomorrow!  https://conta.cc/3vJh06N

March 2024 Summit Center Update: Create a More Fulfilled Life: Parenting with awareness webinar, life and career coaching services, new podcasts from Dr. Dan, and more! https://conta.cc/48UheoO

February 2024 Summit Center Update: Enhancing Family Effectiveness. Educational coaching for gifted/2e kids, executive functioning support course, new parenting podcasts, CAG conference & more! https://conta.cc/3PvEWkL

January 2024 Summit Center Update: Executive functioning support course for parents; Gift-a-palooza conference; Gentle Parenting panel, new podcasts!  READ OUR NEWSLETTER

December 2023 Summit Center Update: Creating A Roadmap to Better Health Blog by Dr. Jeannie Lopez on health and wellness consultations; Dr. Lisa White talks about twice-exceptional girls; new parenting podcasts from Dr. Dan, and more! https://conta.cc/41vAJlx

November 2023 Summit Center Update: What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew. Introducing Dr. Loraine Van Tuyl, new parenting podcasts on understanding ADHD and more, let’s put a stop to college application anxiety. https://conta.cc/3QZSogH

October 2023 Summit Center Update: Gifted & Distractible – Understanding Your 2e Child New book (and podcast episode!) about supporting your twice-exceptional child, resources to support our children exposed to traumatic events, and more. https://conta.cc/46LpGGE

September 2023 Summit Center Update: What Is Your Child’s “Secret Sauce”? Podcast on highlighting your child’s natural strengths, 2e private school panel presentation, and more. https://conta.cc/3ZfgsQ2

August 2023 Summit Center Update: The Gifted Parenting Journey. Dr. Courtney Hansen joins Summit Center; parenting podcasts on parenting gifted children, mindfulness and more; Dr. Dan on Crucial Conversations webcast. https://conta.cc/45tSQJr

July 2023 Summit Center Update: Understanding Emotionally-Based Illness. New doctoral trainees; parenting podcasts on emotionally-based illness & more! https://conta.cc/3K2lQzM 

June 2023 Summit Center Update: Social Media and Youth Mental Health. Impacts of social media on youth, new parenting podcast episodes from Dr. Dan, and survey still open about 2e teens and young adults and relationships. https://conta.cc/3N8rEsk

May 2023 Summit Center Update: Free Screen Time and Mental Health Summit underway; congrats to Dr. Susan Daniels; 2e relationships survey, lots of parenting podcasts, and more. https://conta.cc/3Byhegb

April 2023 Summit Center Update: Mindfulness, and Empowerment. Screen Time Summit, health & wellness consultation services, plus podcasts on mindfulness, empowerment! READ OUR NEWSLETTER

March 2023: Summit Center Update: Parenting Support and Coaching Executive Functioning Course Now Via Zoom, New Spiritual Awareness & Coaching Service, Podcasts on Dyslexic Advantage, Motherhood & More! https://conta.cc/3JL2Fux

February 2023: Summit Center Update: What Kids Need to Thrive Raising gifted/2e girls, last chance for executive functioning support course, latest parenting podcasts and bonus episodes, & more! https://conta.cc/3KamGew

January 2023: Summit Center Update: Raising an Organized Kid / How to Speak to Children About Race. Executive functioning support course for parents in Walnut Creek, the value of short-term therapy for children and teens, new parenting podcasts, upcoming events, and more. https://conta.cc/3QQUXRv 

December 2022 Summit Center Update: The Children I Hope to Raise. Includes new parenting podcasts; lower-cost therapy with doctoral trainees; and blog on imagination and creativity. https://conta.cc/3UYPdW8

November 2022 Summit Center Update: Why Am I So Anxious? Counseling appointments available with doctoral trainees; gifted/2e information sheets for parents and teachers; parenting podcasts; neurodiverse awareness content; and more! https://conta.cc/3hJF1mJ

October 2022 Summit Center Update: Powerful Wise Interventions. Including upcoming events, more parenting podcasts, 2e documentary now on demand, and more! https://conta.cc/3Ctme5V

September 2022 Summit Center Update: Changing Schools, Changing Lives. Blog about finding the right school fit; therapy group for worried 4th-6th graders in Walnut Creek; video on mindfulness for gifted or 2e students; parenting podcasts from Dr. Dan & more! https://conta.cc/3BCAlXj

August 2022 Summit Center Update: Make Life Happier & Gentler. Worry therapy group for 4th-6th graders; new doctoral trainees provide lower-cost services; parenting podcast episodes from Dr. Dan, and more!  READ OUR NEWSLETTER

July 2022 Summit Center Update: Parenting Podcasts & More. Worry Warriors therapy group coming this fall, new parenting podcasts from Dr. Dan, great upcoming events & more!  READ OUR NEWSLETTER

June 2022 Summit Center Update: Launching into College Group. New group for transitioning to college; more new Parent Footprint podcasts; Dr. Dan named to Bridges’ 2e Hall of Fame; and more!  READ OUR NEWSLETTER

May 2022 Summit Center Update: Live the Life You Want. Coaching and consultation for children and families; new parenting podcasts, GHF homeschooling conference and more! Read more in our newsletter!  READ OUR NEWSLETTER

April 2022 Summit Center Update: Podcasts on Mental Health. Parenting podcasts, documentary film, and upcoming California Association for the Gifted Family Conference. Read more in our newsletter!  READ OUR NEWSLETTER

March 2022 Summit Center Update: Fearlessly Different. New blog on Being Twice Exceptional, podcasts on parenting and ability differences, upcoming online summit, and more!  READ OUR NEWSLETTER

February 2022 Summit Center Update: Creating Connections. Last call to sign up for therapy groups; new blog about calming big feelings, Being Twice Exceptional, recent podcasts, and more!  READ OUR NEWSLETTER

January 2022 Summit Center Update: Addressing Anxiety When perfectionism is a problem, the Anxiety Sisters, new therapy groups forming, upcoming events, plus podcasts from Dr. Dan on friendship, grief, and racism.  READ OUR NEWSLETTER



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