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April 2023: Summit Center Update: Wellness, Mindfulness, and Empowerment. Screen Time Summit, health & wellness consultation services, plus podcasts on mindfulness, empowerment! READ OUR NEWSLETTER



March 2023: Summit Center Update: Parenting Support and Coaching Executive Functioning Course Now Via Zoom, New Spiritual Awareness & Coaching Service, Podcasts on Dyslexic Advantage, Motherhood & More!

February 2023: Summit Center Update: What Kids Need to Thrive Raising gifted/2e girls, last chance for executive functioning support course, latest parenting podcasts and bonus episodes, & more!

January 2023: Summit Center Update: Raising an Organized Kid / How to Speak to Children About Race. Executive functioning support course for parents in Walnut Creek, the value of short-term therapy for children and teens, new parenting podcasts, upcoming events, and more. 

December 2022 Summit Center Update: The Children I Hope to Raise. Includes new parenting podcasts; lower-cost therapy with doctoral trainees; and blog on imagination and creativity.

November 2022 Summit Center Update: Why Am I So Anxious? Counseling appointments available with doctoral trainees; gifted/2e information sheets for parents and teachers; parenting podcasts; neurodiverse awareness content; and more!

October 2022 Summit Center Update: Powerful Wise Interventions. Including upcoming events, more parenting podcasts, 2e documentary now on demand, and more!

September 2022 Summit Center Update: Changing Schools, Changing Lives. Blog about finding the right school fit; therapy group for worried 4th-6th graders in Walnut Creek; video on mindfulness for gifted or 2e students; parenting podcasts from Dr. Dan & more!

August 2022 Summit Center Update: Make Life Happier & Gentler. Worry therapy group for 4th-6th graders; new doctoral trainees provide lower-cost services; parenting podcast episodes from Dr. Dan, and more!  READ OUR NEWSLETTER

July 2022 Summit Center Update: Parenting Podcasts & More. Worry Warriors therapy group coming this fall, new parenting podcasts from Dr. Dan, great upcoming events & more!  READ OUR NEWSLETTER

June 2022 Summit Center Update: Launching into College Group. New group for transitioning to college; more new Parent Footprint podcasts; Dr. Dan named to Bridges’ 2e Hall of Fame; and more!  READ OUR NEWSLETTER


May 2022 Summit Center Update: Live the Life You Want. Coaching and consultation for children and families; new parenting podcasts, GHF homeschooling conference and more! Read more in our newsletter!  READ OUR NEWSLETTER


April 2022 Summit Center Update: Podcasts on Mental Health. Parenting podcasts, documentary film, and upcoming California Association for the Gifted Family Conference. Read more in our newsletter!  READ OUR NEWSLETTER


March 2022 Summit Center Update: Fearlessly Different. New blog on Being Twice Exceptional, podcasts on parenting and ability differences, upcoming online summit, and more!  READ OUR NEWSLETTER


February 2022 Summit Center Update: Creating Connections. Last call to sign up for therapy groups; new blog about calming big feelings, Being Twice Exceptional, recent podcasts, and more!  READ OUR NEWSLETTER


January 2022 Summit Center Update: Addressing Anxiety When perfectionism is a problem, the Anxiety Sisters, new therapy groups forming, upcoming events, plus podcasts from Dr. Dan on friendship, grief, and racism.  READ OUR NEWSLETTER


December 2021 Summit Center Update: The Value of Self-Awareness & Calming Podcasts on resilience, addiction, and mother-daughter relationships, plus new books and tips on how to manage stress about holiday travel.  READ OUR NEWSLETTER


November 2021 Summit Center Update: Conversations about Motherhood, Writing, and Racism New podcasts from Dr. Dan on motherhood, writing, and racism, plus survey on group therapy, new book about twice-exceptional learners, and more!  READ OUR NEWSLETTER


October 2021 Summit Center Update: Fall Events on Gifted, 2e, & More Join Summit Center professionals at these upcoming events for 2e Adults, about Giftedness, Dyslexia, and other topics. Plus four new parenting podcasts!  READ OUR NEWSLETTER


September 2021 Summit Center Update: Transitioning Back to School Sign up for therapy groups on executive function and 2e adulting, plus new parenting podcasts, new book, finding a better school fit, and more!  READ OUR NEWSLETTER


August 2021 Summit Center Update: Understanding Outside-of-the-Box Kids – Executive Function Online Summit, doctoral trainees, therapy groups for children and teens, new podcast episodes from Dr. Dan, and more!  READ OUR NEWSLETTER


July 2021 Summit Center Update: Reparenting & Educating Kids About Addiction – New podcasts on reparenting yourself, addiction, and recovery; welcoming Dr. Jenna Ouye to Walnut Creek; upcoming therapy groups; and more!  READ OUR NEWSLETTER


June 2021 Summit Center Update: Summer Is Here! – Dr. Dan’s podcast joins new network, new interviews, 2e discussion, summer programs, and more!  READ OUR NEWSLETTER


May 2021 Summit Center Update: Conquering Anxiety & Improving Mental Health – New podcasts on prioritizing self-care and supporting our teens; video interviews with Dr. Dan on conquering worry and anxiety; and more. READ OUR NEWSLETTER


April 2021 Summit Center Update: Essential Strengths for Kids to Thrive –New podcasts from Dr. Dan on how kindness matters and building character, plus upcoming events and more! READ OUR NEWSLETTER


March 2021 Summit Center Update: Parenting During the Pandemic – Welcoming Dr. Mona Mardini for therapy services, new podcasts on parenting during Covid-19, Self-Care for Families, new book, upcoming events, and more! READ OUR NEWSLETTER


February 2021 Summit Center Update: Podcasts for Parents – Unplugged activities for ages 1-10, stories for toddlers, and how to make social and emotional learning stick. Plus new virtual events! READ OUR NEWSLETTER


January 2021 Summit Center Update: New Groups and New Events for the New Year – Upcoming events, therapy groups for teens, skill-building groups for preschoolers, new podcasts, online 2e high school, and more! READ OUR NEWSLETTER


December 2020 Summit Center Update: Focus On What Is Important – New therapy groups, 100th podcast episode, dyslexia intervention, educator’s conference, movers and shakers, and more. READ OUR NEWSLETTER

November 2020 Summit Center Update: We Will Get Through This – Distance learning challenges, equity in gifted education, new books, podcasts on parenting, and more. READ OUR NEWSLETTER

October 2020 Summit Center Update: Seeking Psychological Safety – Upcoming talk on assessments, Dr. Dan Peters in Brazil, new podcasts on psychological safety and caregiving, and more.

September 2020 Summit Center Update: School Fit, Parenting & Teenagers – New Parent Group, Finding the Right School Fit, New Events, Plus Podcasts on Teenage Authenticity, Family Relationships, and more.

August 2020 Summit Center Update: Managing Worry Amid the Start of School :– Doctoral trainees, school consultation, new podcasts, and more as children and teens return to school.

July 2020 Summit Center Update: Taking Care of Ourselves as Parents – 2e consultation services, new podcasts, and more as our offices begin to reopen.

June 2020 – Summit Center Update – Parenting Through Major Life Events:  Child coaching services, parent support groups, new podcasts, and more as our offices begin to reopen.

May 2020 – Summit Center Update – Parenting with Confidence and Laughter at Home: New consultation services, doodle classes, and more while we continue to shelter in place.

April 2020 – Summit Center Update – Online Classes & Remote Services: Learn about free art classes and new remote services for you and your family while we all shelter in place.

March 2020 – Summit Center Update – Coronavirus Special on Parenting with Resilience: We will get through this together. Read this issue for coronavirus information, stay-at-home resources, and more.

February 2020 – Summit Center Update – Screentime Alternatives for Your Kids: Podcasts on camping and the impacts of technology, CAG conference, upcoming events, and more!


January 2020 – Summit Center Update – Start the New Year with Parent Education: Podcasts on neurodiversity and finance, plus new executive function course & gifted/2e group. and more!

December 2019 – Summit Center Update – The Importance of Family Dinner: Parenting podcasts, GRO research, gifted/2e discussion group, and Happy Holidays to you and yours!

November 2019 – Summit Center Update – Passion for Helping Others: Parenting podcasts, early childhood services, new worry book, and Happy Thanksgiving!
October 2019 – Summit Center Update – Understand Learning & Development: Podcasts on infant development and sleep for teens; The G Word fundraiser, 2 Days of 2e, new gifted publisher, and more!
September 2019 – Summit Center Update – Smart but Struggling Students: New Blog, podcasts on Boys and Dyslexia, Support & Discussion Groups, Upcoming Events, and more!
August 2019 – Summit Center Update – Understand Your Child’s Temperament: Plus, Executive Function Online Summit Begins This Friday, Trainee Program, new podcasts, and more!

July 2019 – Summit Center Update – Life Lessons for Our Children, new evaluator, two podcasts on home schooling and life lessons, research survey, and more!

June 2019 – Summit Center Update – Nurturing Everyday Creativity in Children, podcasts on Fatherhood and Emotional Health, Upcoming Events, and more!

May 2019 – Summit Center Update: Mindful Parenting of High Needs Kids, Camp Summit for Gifted Youth still open, podcasts on Neurodiversity and Clutter-Free Parenting, new definition of giftedness, and more!

April 2019 – Summit Center Update: Setting Limits & Sticking To Them, Terrific Toddlers and Encouraging Volunteerism on the Parent Footprint Podcast, upcoming events, and more!

March 2019 – Summit Center Update: Strengthen Executive Functioning by Deanna Kim. Plus, how to handle social media and teenagers on the Parent Footprint Podcast, and more.

February 2019 – Summit Center Update: Bring Out the Best in Your Child, new on the Parent Footprint Podcast, groups for parents of gifted & 2e learners and more!

January 2019 — Summit Center Update: New podcasts on Launching Your Child. Plus, counseling services, Bright & Quirky Online Summit, Dr. Dan is now on Instagram!


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