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March 2021 Summit Center Update: Parenting During the Pandemic – Welcoming Dr. Mona Mardini for therapy services, new podcasts on parenting during Covid-19, Self-Care for Families, new book, upcoming events, and more! READ OUR NEWSLETTER



February 2021 Summit Center Update: Podcasts for Parents – Unplugged activities for ages 1-10, stories for toddlers, and how to make social and emotional learning stick. Plus new virtual events! READ OUR NEWSLETTER


January 2021 Summit Center Update: New Groups and New Events for the New Year – Upcoming events, therapy groups for teens, skill-building groups for preschoolers, new podcasts, online 2e high school, and more! READ OUR NEWSLETTER


December 2020 Summit Center Update: Focus On What Is Important – New therapy groups, 100th podcast episode, dyslexia intervention, educator’s conference, movers and shakers, and more. READ OUR NEWSLETTER


November 2020 Summit Center Update: We Will Get Through This – Distance learning challenges, equity in gifted education, new books, podcasts on parenting, and more. READ OUR NEWSLETTER


October 2020 Summit Center Update: Seeking Psychological Safety – Upcoming talk on assessments, Dr. Dan Peters in Brazil, new podcasts on psychological safety and caregiving, and more.

September 2020 Summit Center Update: School Fit, Parenting & Teenagers – New Parent Group, Finding the Right School Fit, New Events, Plus Podcasts on Teenage Authenticity, Family Relationships, and more.


August 2020 Summit Center Update: Managing Worry Amid the Start of School :– Doctoral trainees, school consultation, new podcasts, and more as children and teens return to school.


July 2020 Summit Center Update: Taking Care of Ourselves as Parents – 2e consultation services, new podcasts, and more as our offices begin to reopen.

June 2020 – Summit Center Update – Parenting Through Major Life Events:  Child coaching services, parent support groups, new podcasts, and more as our offices begin to reopen. 

May 2020 – Summit Center Update – Parenting with Confidence and Laughter at Home: New consultation services, doodle classes, and more while we continue to shelter in place. 

April 2020 – Summit Center Update – Online Classes & Remote Services: Learn about free art classes and new remote services for you and your family while we all shelter in place.

March 2020 – Summit Center Update – Coronavirus Special on Parenting with Resilience: We will get through this together. Read this issue for coronavirus information, stay-at-home resources, and more.

February 2020 – Summit Center Update – Screentime Alternatives for Your Kids: Podcasts on camping and the impacts of technology, CAG conference, upcoming events, and more!


January 2020 – Summit Center Update – Start the New Year with Parent Education: Podcasts on neurodiversity and finance, plus new executive function course & gifted/2e group. and more!

December 2019 – Summit Center Update – The Importance of Family Dinner: Parenting podcasts, GRO research, gifted/2e discussion group, and Happy Holidays to you and yours!

November 2019 – Summit Center Update – Passion for Helping Others: Parenting podcasts, early childhood services, new worry book, and Happy Thanksgiving!
October 2019 – Summit Center Update – Understand Learning & Development: Podcasts on infant development and sleep for teens; The G Word fundraiser, 2 Days of 2e, new gifted publisher, and more! 
September 2019 – Summit Center Update – Smart but Struggling Students: New Blog, podcasts on Boys and Dyslexia, Support & Discussion Groups, Upcoming Events, and more! 
August 2019 – Summit Center Update – Understand Your Child’s Temperament: Plus, Executive Function Online Summit Begins This Friday, Trainee Program, new podcasts, and more! 

July 2019 – Summit Center Update – Life Lessons for Our Children, new evaluator, two podcasts on home schooling and life lessons, research survey, and more!


June 2019 – Summit Center Update – Nurturing Everyday Creativity in Children, podcasts on Fatherhood and Emotional Health, Upcoming Events, and more!

May 2019 – Summit Center Update: Mindful Parenting of High Needs Kids, Camp Summit for Gifted Youth still open, podcasts on Neurodiversity and Clutter-Free Parenting, new definition of giftedness, and more!

April 2019 – Summit Center Update: Setting Limits & Sticking To Them, Terrific Toddlers and Encouraging Volunteerism on the Parent Footprint Podcast, upcoming events, and more!

March 2019 – Summit Center Update: Strengthen Executive Functioning by Deanna Kim. Plus, how to handle social media and teenagers on the Parent Footprint Podcast, and more.

February 2019 – Summit Center Update: Bring Out the Best in Your Child, new on the Parent Footprint Podcast, groups for parents of gifted & 2e learners and more!

January 2019 — Summit Center Update: New podcasts on Launching Your Child. Plus, counseling services, Bright & Quirky Online Summit, Dr. Dan is now on Instagram!


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