Life and Career Coaching

    Do you ever get frustrated and feel like things aren’t happening quickly enough for you?

    Do you ever feel overwhelmed, and don’t know where to start?

    Do you want guidance for moving forward with work, relationships, or long-term goals?

    Michelle Mortara provides life coaching and career coaching services to Summit Center clients. Clients find Michelle easy to talk to and a great listener. During her coaching sessions, she strives to create an open and trusting relationship to help her clients seek clarity, feel empowered to work through challenges, and create a more fulfilled life.

    “At some point in our lives,” says Michelle, “We may feel stuck or a little off course. If we don’t change something, often we will continue coming up against the same issues, and it becomes difficult to move forward. It can help to seek support from someone outside of our immediate friends and family circle.”

    Michelle can help you to:

    • Set priorities and goals
    • Think through hurdles or stumbling blocks so you can succeed
    • Recognize patterns and make changes
    • Focus on what’s truly important to you
    • Build confidence and resilience to face challenges

    Michelle Mortara is a Certified Life and Career Coach. Before joining Summit Center, Michelle had a successful 20-year career in marketing and operational management roles. She has coached individuals and teams, and trained other managers to become coaches.

    If you would like to speak with Michelle to see if she might be a good fit for you and/or your young adult child, please contact our office by completing this short form.