Upcoming Webinars

Summit Center is proud to present a series of webinars from our team of professionals, speaking on topics important to our families.

September 18: Webinar with Dr. Lisa White on “School Daze: Finding the Right Educational Environment for Your 2e Child”

Date and time: Wed, September 18, 2024 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM PT

Learn about how to find the best educational environment for your 2e child, whether that be a public, independent, 1-1, or alternative school option. Dr. White will discuss what factors are important in choosing a school (the academics might be the least of it!), what questions to ask to find out whether a school could be a good fit, the fallacy of the “perfect” school, and how to determine if a school experience is a success or not working. Additionally, this presentation will cover how to best position your child in the application process, and being honest about your child’s needs while still letting them shine as an applicant.

Dr. Lisa White is a licensed psychologist who has worked with gifted and twice-exceptional children for over 20 years. Dr. White provides strengths-based, comprehensive psychoeducational and neuropsychological evaluations for children and adolescents, as well as coaching and consultation to guide parents in raising their 2e children. She works closely with families to find the best educational environment for their kids. Dr. White is also the parent of young-adult gifted/2e twins.

FREE. Recordings will be available after the event for a fee. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Dr Dan Peters

Past Offerings

Recordings are available on Vimeo of these unique presentations from Summit Center professionals, talking about issues affecting your life and your family. Each webinar costs $19.99. Price includes unlimited viewing of the recording on demand. Learn more on our Videos on Demand page.


Executive Functioning Support Course: Raising An Organized Kid, with Deanna Kim, M.Ed.

Do you feel overwhelmed by your family’s ever-growing list of after school activities? Are you up late at night helping your child finish a project that’s due tomorrow? While many of us with children struggle with planning, organization, and time management, developing a family system can be the key to overcoming these challenges.

This 5-week course with instructor Deanna Kim, M.Ed. will offer parents the unique opportunity to work with our staff to develop their own family system, and learn more about executive functioning and how it impacts our day-to-day lives.

Sessions will focus on planning through the use of a family calendar, time management, routines, sustaining attention, how to work through the homework frustrations, and emotional regulation. Each participant will leave with the tools they need to help their family get back on track and more organized.

Space is limited, and pre-registration is required, so please register early.




No Therapy Groups Are Currently Planned 

Does your child, teen, or young adult need extra support? Summit Center sometimes offers focused weekly therapeutic discussion groups for a variety of interests each fall and spring. Each group is led by one of our experienced professionals and meets virtually for 6 weeks.

Future Virtual Therapy Groups for Children & Teens may include:

Worry Warriors

Executive Functioning Skills

Gifted Teens

2e or Gifted Adults