Educational Therapy

Summit Center offers Educational Therapy to students at the elementary, middle, high school, and college level. Our trained professionals combine educational and therapeutic approaches to assist students whose learning challenges at school are not resolving.

Some issues that we address in Educational Therapy include:

  • Problems with time management, including effective homework completion.
  • Dyscalculia (a learning disorder related to number-based information), or undiagnosed and unexpected problems with reading, writing and math at grade level.
  • Test-taking difficulties in spite of effort in preparation.
  • Problems with organization of materials and assignments.

Educational therapy is not the same as tutoring. Our work is remedial, designed to fill gaps in background, understanding, and learning strategies in order to develop independent learners. We work closely with students and families to address social and emotional as well as academic aspects of learning problems.

In addition to evaluation and remediation, we provide follow-up information to families and teachers and communicate with other specialists and professionals as needed. Formal assessments often identify a need for educational therapy and can lead to more focused and productive educational therapy.

We want our clients to become independent learners who enjoy success in school and life. The ultimate goal of educational therapy is to foster:

  • Integration of individual students into grade-level school programs, with or without special accommodation;
  • Effective, individualized strategies for independent learning;
  • Demonstration of understanding in testing and other performance situations;
  • Calm, confident functioning in academic settings.

To schedule an intake session, please complete this short form: https://forms.gle/WNG7e3wEtxdG3Nuu6

Executive Functioning Skills Coaching for Students (middle, high, and college)

  • assist with managing long term projects
  • guide practicing time management, organizational, and planning skills through weekly action steps
  • develop study skills and habits
  • coach parents with personalized systems and implementing EF skills at home

Math Intervention (Grades 1-8)

  • conduct formative assessment to identify gaps and learning goals
  • provide systematic and incremental math problems
  • attend parent/teacher conferences to advocate for student needs and to collaborate on student’s individualized learning plans
  • teach test taking strategies for math tests
  • address math anxiety and other emotional issues related to math

Deanna has worked with both of my sons on executive functioning skills over the years. She
has played a significant role in their lives. We are grateful for everything she has done and
accomplished with my kids. My older son has completely bought into her teaching and is willing to put it into practice. This is a transformation because he used to hate going to school. We can’t
thank her enough.

- Parent of two boys

My daughter’s confidence has increased and she is eager to work on math. She enjoys her sessions immensely. Her recall of math facts and learning of new material continues to be a work in progress. But because of her sessions she is more willing to put in the effort as she understands that the more she practices the more she understands and remembers. We are so happy with the attention and care our child is receiving from Deanna.

- Parent of Fifth Grader

I have seen so many positive changes in my daughter. After Deanna started EF coaching with her, she’s staying on top of her schoolwork and even ahead of the game. When I ask her about
anything, she has the answer right away and she’s forthright about her progress. She is taking pride in her work. I can tell that she’s starting to take pride in herself.

- Parent of High School Student

Deanna was my son’s first educational therapist. We believed that Deanna’s EF coaching sessions paved a foundation for my child’s academic success. We appreciate Deanna’s time and helping him grow through the years.

- Parent of College Student