October & Ongoing

Happily Family Online Conference on Raising Resilient Kids in an Anxious World

featuring 24 expert speakers including Dr. Dan Peters


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Dr. Dan Peters joins 24 other experts to talk about mindful parenting. Discover effective tools to have healthy tech boundaries, fostering resilience in difficult times, coping skills for big feelings, racial justice, managing friendships online, how to talk to kids about sex and the gender spectrum, and much more. Get your complimentary pass at



Support Group for Parents of Gifted or 2E Children

First virtual meeting

with Dr. Ellena Chen & Gohar Jaffer, Summit Center Walnut Creek

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Summit Center’s Discussion Group for Parents of Gifted and 2e Children will be held virtually on Monday nights, 7:00-8:00 pm, starting October 19. This group will discuss the unique challenges that gifted or twice-exceptional children bring to families, including their social emotional needs, especially as families work and learn remotely. 5 sessions through Google Meet /Hangout. Facilitated by Dr. Ellena Chen certified SENG facilitator, and Gohar Jaffer, practicum trainee, of Summit Center’s Walnut Creek office. Space is limited, and pre-registration is required. Details at




West LA CHADD for Adults/Parents dealing with ADHD/ADD

Dr. Lisa Hancock will speak on “ADHD: Symptoms, Behaviors, Diagnosis, and Treatment”

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Dr. Lisa Hancock is West LA CHADD’s featured speaker for October. Dr. Hancock writes this about her presentation: “Adults may question whether they are currently experiencing challenges due to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), whether or not they received a diagnosis as a child. Although ADHD is best known for problems with attention, hyperactivity, impulsivity, and planning/organization; adults can also experience problems such as feeling restless, low frustration tolerance, quick temper, difficulty with stressful situations, and even mood swings. Personality, home and school environment, the presence or absence of concurrent problems such as learning or processing disorders, and even the individual’s ability to compensate can play a role in how they were and are impacted and function. Additionally, problems with attention and hyperactivity/impulsivity are not unique to ADHD, and an individual may have been misdiagnosed. Anxiety and mood disorders, learning disorders, personality disorders, substance use, and medication can also contribute to symptoms and behaviors similar to those associated with ADHD. Untreated ADHD can negatively impact adults in terms of relationships, employment, health, and safety. Assessment and treatment can help with correct diagnosis/diagnoses and improve functioning and quality of life.”
FREE. Advanced registration is required. 7:00 pm.
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The Impact of Learning, Processing & Developmental Disorders on School, Work, & Relationships

Online presentation with Dr. Lisa Hanock, 7:00 PM Pacific, $15

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Parents may wonder if their child’s difficulties — or their own — stem from a learning or developmental disorder. Neuropsychological evaluation can help identify specific challenges in one or more areas that are not due to intelligence or motivation. A comprehensive testing process can be used to help explain academic or work performance, behavioral issues, or social-emotional functioning. 

Join this online presentation by Dr. Lisa Hancock of Summit Center’s Torrance office, on Thursday, November 5, at 5 pm via Google Meet. Dr. Hancock will review the components of an assessment, types of learning, processing, and developmental disorders, and the benefits of a strengths-based approach.

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Making Worriers into Warriors with Dr. Dan Peters

Northbridge Academy

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Nov 10: Northbridge Academy presents “Making Worriers into Warriors: Helping Your Child Conquer Fear in Uncertain Times: A presentation with Dr. Dan Peters” via Zoom. Worry, fear, and anxiety are common, yet often quiet “monsters” which have significant negative effects on a child’s academic achievement, social and emotional functioning, and self-esteem. Because children don’t always recognize their stress, or exhibit anxiety the way adults do, parents may not recognize that their child is stressed. Often these children will procrastinate, “forget” or avoid situations that make them anxious, have angry meltdowns, minimize how important grades are to them, or “over focus” on getting work done while not actually completing assignments or turning in messy/ incomplete work. FREE. Learn more & register at

North Bridge Academy is a non-profit school located in Mill Valley, California, serving dyslexic learners grades 2-8.




National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) Annual Conference

Reimagined & Virtual

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Empowering parents, teachers, and advocates to implement effective practices for all gifted & talented children in homes, schools, and communities.
Wherever you are, the virtual 67th Annual Convention Reimagined! can be there, too!
-Choose from more than 250 content-rich sessions on gifted education and gifted children
-Explore important topics and education strategies
-Learn from high-profile leaders in the field
-Network with teachers, parents, researchers, and others from around the world who enhance the growth and development of gifted and talented children.
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Speaker Bureau

Summit Center professionals are available to speak to your school, parent group, conference, or other event. They are experienced speakers on a variety of topics for conference keynotes, plenaries, webinars, workshops, and more. Contact our office for more information.