ongoing though January 2021

Parenting in Place Masterclass Series on Helping Families Thrive in Challenging Times

8 weekly masterclasses (via Zoom) on Tuesday evenings

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New online series from a group of parenting experts, therapists, authors, educators, and neuroscientists — including a number of Dr. Dan’s past guests on the Parent Footprint Podcast: Tina Payne Bryson, Ph.D., Mona Delahooke, Ph.D., and Katie Hurley.

Parenting in Place features 8 weekly masterclasses (hosted on Zoom) on Tuesday evenings from Nov. 17 through Jan. 19, each focused on a different theme, and each including specific takeaways and strategies.

Because the event is live, attendees will have the opportunity to ask the hosts questions and communicate with other attendees through chat. Registrants receive a bundle of free bonus content (downloadables, templates, webinars) from the speakers, and access to a closed moderated Facebook group to keep the conversation going and provide three solid months of support.

Registration for the series is $39, with bonus resources and replays available for months. Learn more and register here.


January 2021

Parenting During a Pandemic with Dr. Dan Peters

Presented by Napa SELPA and MENTIS

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Learn tools to support the mental health and wellness of your children during this challenging year – in this virtual webinar for parents, on Wednesday, Jan 20th, 6:30-8:00pm. Via Zoom. Spanish translation available. To register, email Lily Prudhomme at lprudhomme@napacoe. org.


February 2021

Conversations with CAGT

Dr. Dan Peters speaks on Perfectionism

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Dr. Peters will speak on Perfectionism to Colorado Association for Gifted and Talented (CAGT). More information at


beginning February 2021

Summit Center Therapy Groups

Weekly virtual group therapy for children and teens

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Summit Center now offers Group Therapy. To meet the needs of more children and families, we will be offering focused weekly discussion and skill-building groups beginning February 3. Each group meets for 8 weeks with a concluding session for parents. Groups are now forming for the following interests and ages:

– The Preschool Buddy Group: Building Social Skills Together, with Amy Feldman, LEP, for ages 4-5
– Sibs, for siblings of children with significant special needs, with Amy Feldman, LEP, for ages 14-18
– Gifted Teens: Navigating Social Situations, with Dr. Lisa Hancock, for ages 14-18
– Girl Talk, with Dr. Lisa White and Gohar Jaffer, for girls, ages 14-16
– Unstuck: Executive Functioning Skills for Teens, with Dr. Rupa Robbins and Olivia McDonald, for ages 14-18

See complete descriptions at


February 2021

2E at W&M: Twice Exceptional Conference

Dr. Melanie Hayes will present
William & Mary College, School of Education (Online)

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The 2e @ W&M: Twice Exceptional Conference focuses on twice-exceptional (high-ability/gifted with learning differences/disabilities or neurodiverse) children both at home and at school. The goal of the conference is to provide information, resources, support, and community building opportunities to educators, administrators, parents, practitioners, counselors, and district personnel.
Dr. Melanie Hayes will present on Gifted/2e Trauma. “Gifted/Twice Exceptional people experience overexcitabilities and sensory processing issues that can lead to increased trauma. This presentation will explore the stressors that can cause trauma and offer suggestions for processing those experiences.”
Learn more and register



Talentissimo Webinar

Dr. Dan Peters on Stealth Dyslexia

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5Talentissimo, a consultation and psychology practice specializing in giftedness based in the Netherlands, is presenting a series of webinars this winter. Dr. Dan Peters will speak on “Stealth Dyslexia: Flying Under the Radar.” From the description: Gifted children with learning disabilities are most often missed, and stealth dyslexia is a primary culprit. Due to their advanced thinking and compensatory strategies, gifted students with dyslexia struggle to sound out words, read fluently, spell, and write, despite having advanced knowledge and verbal abilities – while still performing “average.” Unfortunately, these students can only compensate for so long before their academic performance, self-esteem, and emotional functioning deteriorates. Participants will learn how stealth dyslexia presents in gifted children, how to accurately diagnose it, and what to do about it.

The webinar takes place at 8:00 pm Netherlands time (11:00 am Pacific), and will be available for limited access over the weekend. €25.00 incl. VAT. In English. Learn more and register at


February 2021

Let’s Talk 2e Virtual Conference for Educators

presented by With Understanding Comes Calm

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The Let’s Talk 2e virtual conference for Educators launches January 25, 2021. The conference brings together expert speakers addressing topics for teachers to utilize in their virtual, hybrid and in-person classrooms within four strands: Understanding 2e, Classroom Strategies, Cultural Diversity, and Clinical Considerations. If you’re a parent – this conference is an excellent teacher gift!
Along with 25 presentations attendees will enjoy:

  • Free Gifts from every speakerA Companion Conference Planner
  • A Full Exhibitor Hall (with opportunities for prizes)
  • Community Building and Live Events in our Facebook “Teachers’ Lounge”
  • The Opportunity to earn Credit and Contact Hours from various states, schools and associations

Learn more and register here.



Talentissimo (Netherlands) Webinar

Dr. Melanie Hayes speaks on Overcoming Gifted/2e Trauma

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Gifted/2e people are often highly sensitive to environmental stressors and may be traumatized by experiences that would not impact others. They are likely to be misunderstood, pressured to conform, bullied, overlooked, or exploited, which can lead to increased trauma throughout their lives. Too often their lived experiences are dismissed or misunderstood and they are expected to adapt to meet the needs of others, rather than being supported in building an environment that works for them. This presentation will explore the impact of trauma on G/2e people and offer validation for their experiences. Dr. Hayes will also provide suggestions and resources for working through trauma and reconnecting to your authentic self. In English. Cost: €25,00 including taxes. Learn more and register



California Association for Gifted (CAG) Annual Conference

Palm Springs, CA

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The 59th Annual CAG Parent Conference will provide sessions from experts on the social, emotional, intellectual, and academic needs of gifted and advanced learners for families to use at home. Learn more and register at


Speaker Bureau

Summit Center professionals are available to speak to your school, parent group, conference, or other event. They are experienced speakers on a variety of topics for conference keynotes, plenaries, webinars, workshops, and more. Contact our office for more information.