April 18: Dr. Lisa White speaks on “Finding Challenge for Your Advanced Learner,” presented by the Piedmont ALPS parent group, in Piedmont, CA. Learn more at

April 18-19: Dr. Susan Daniels will speak at the Novilo’s World of Gifted Congress in Zeist, The Netherlands. Susan’s topics will be: “Nature vs Nurture: is gifted born or made?” (panel), “Sensitivity, Intensity, and Creativity in Gifted Adults” and “Understanding Dabrowski’s Theory of Positive Disintegration.” Learn more and register at

Saturday, April 21: EdRev Expo, San Francisco, presented by Children’s Health Council, Parents Education Network, and Dr. Dan Peters will speak on “Interpreting Assessment Results for Dyslexia ​Strand: Research & Assessment.” EdRev Expo is an annual event for students, parents, educators and professionals with a unique emphasis on learning and attention issues, and the anxiety and depression that often accompany them. Free. Learn more and register at

April 25-30: Dr. Dan Peters will present on Day 1 of the Bright & Quirky Online Summit, put on by Positive Impact Family. Learn strategies to help your bright child thrive, even with focus, learning, social, emotional or behavioral challenges. Other presenters include Dr. Ned Hallowell, Dr. Tina Payne Bryson, Temple Grandin, and more. The Bright & Quirky Child Online Summit runs for 6 days. Content will be free to the public each day for 24 hours. There will be approximately 3-5 talks per day. More information at

Thursday, May 10: Dr. Dan Peters will speak on “Preparing Students for Life Teaching Coping, Problem-Solving, and Resilience,” at Orinda Intermediate School, Orinda, CA. 6:30-8:00 pm, Multipurpose Room.

July 19-22: SENG Supporting Emotional Needs of Gifted Conference, San Diego, CA. Dr. Dan Peters will present a pre-conference training on “Turning Worriers into Warriors: Anxiety in Gifted and 2e Youth.” Learn more and register at



Speaker Bureau

Summit Center founders Dr. Dan Peters and Dr. Susan Daniels are available to speak to your school, parent group, conference, or other event. They are experienced speakers for conference keynotes, plenaries, webinars, workshops, and more, having presented at the National Association for Gifted annual conference, California Association for Gifted, Central Cities Conference, and at other state-wide and national meetings.

Dr. Peters and Dr. Daniels and their staff are available to speak on the following topics:

  • Living with Intensity – Overexcitabilities in Gifted Youth
  • Gifted Kids on the Edge: At-Risk and At-Promise
  • Taming  the Worry Monster: Anxiety in Gifted and 2e Youth
  • Avoiding Avoidance: Just Use Your Disaster Supply Kit
  • Gifted and Learning Disabled: What Can We Do?
  • Building Fortitude in Gifted Youth
  • Perfectionism in the Gifted
  • Organization for the Creative Mind
  • Raising Creative Kids
  • Developing Differentiated Education Plans
  • Bringing it all Together: Integrative Assessment and Educational Planning for Gifted Youth
  • Diagnosis and Misdiagnosis of Gifted Youth
  • The Essence of the Gifted Person
  • Passion for Learning Beyond Kindergarten: The Power of Choice