Gifted Home Education Conference

GHF Learners


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GHF Learners presents their annual Gifted Home Education Conference: Come As You Are 2024. Dr. Dan Peters will be the keynote speaker, and Summit Center is proud to be a sponsor. Learn more and sign up for FREE at https://www.ghflearners.org/2024-ghf-conference-schedule



SENG 2024 Annual Community Conference

hosted by Supporting Emotional Needs of Gifted (SENG)

Berkeley, CA

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Join SENG in Berkeley, CA the summer of 2024 for adventures, community building and experiencing the joys of giftedness. Paula Prober of the Rainforest Mind will present the Keynote Spotlight on “The Complex, Compassionate, Creative, Crushing World of the Gifted Adult – The Musical!” and Dr. Frank C. Worrell will present “Shaping Brilliance: The Art of Growing Giftedness.” Attend an amazing line up of breakout sessions and workshops under the theme “Sailing into the Future: Community, Advocacy & Adventure.” Summit Center is proud to be a sponsor. Dr. Dan Peters will lead a SENGchat on Thursday afternoon on “Parenting with Purpose for Your Gifted/2e Child.” And Dr. Lisa White will participate in a panel on Advocacy.

For $50 off of your SENG registration, use the promo code SENG24Summit when you register.

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Summit Center Webinar: School Daze: Finding the Right Educational Environment for Your 2e Child

with Dr. Lisa White


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Summit Center is proud to present a series of webinars from our team of professionals, speaking on topics important to our families.

Dr. Lisa White, licensed psychologist, will speak on “School Daze: Finding the Right Educational Environment for Your 2e Child” on Wednesday, September 18, at 12 noon.

Learn about how to find the best educational environment for your 2e child, whether that be a public, independent, 1-1, or alternative school option. Dr. White will discuss what factors are important in choosing a school (the academics might be the least of it!), what questions to ask to find out whether a school could be a good fit, the fallacy of the “perfect” school, and how to determine if a school experience is a success or not working. Additionally, this presentation will cover how to best position your child in the application process, and being honest about your child’s needs while still letting them shine as an applicant.

FREE. Recordings will be available after the event for a fee.

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Speaker Bureau

Summit Center professionals are available to speak to your school, parent group, conference, or other event. They are experienced speakers on a variety of topics for conference keynotes, plenaries, webinars, workshops, and more. Contact our office for more information.