Educational Coaching for Gifted & Twice Exceptional (2e) Students

  • Does your gifted or 2e child or teen have a hard time making friends?
  • Do they seem challenged or frustrated at school?
  • Could your child use guidance from someone who understands their unique needs and abilities?

Many people think of gifted children as smart kids who get along fine because everything comes easy to them. This is a myth. In fact, gifted children can struggle in many ways. They often are misunderstood, sensitive, or intense, do not fit in with peers, may be teased and bullied, or might be bored in school. Gifted kids who also have learning, processing, emotional, and behavioral issues are called “twice-exceptional” or “2e” because they are both exceptional due to their advanced cognitive development, but also exceptional because of another issue (such as ADHD, dyslexia, Autism Spectrum Disorder, or anxiety).

Paula Wilkes, Ph.D., offers educational  coaching services where she works directly with gifted or 2e children or teens to provide support for these issues and help them navigate school, relationships, emotional regulation, and other areas. Even when meeting virtually, Dr. Wilkes’ unique background allows her to connect with kids who might otherwise refuse to work with counselors or therapists. Parents are often surprised by how their teens are willing to “open up” during their sessions.

Dr. Wilkes uses a variety of methods and tactics to connect with her student clients, including:

  • Math Olympiad problem-solving and logic games
  • College application essay construction
  • Social pragmatics
  • Perfectionism vs. “living Wabi Sabi” 
  • Mind mapping as a note-taking tool

Dr. Wilkes will educate the client about how their mind works, support their strengths, and help them work towards goals, such as learning to become an autonomous learner, dealing with the challenges of ADHD, or forging a successful transition to college. She can also meet with parents to discuss their best strategies for helping to develop autonomy, resilience, wellness and success in their children.

Dr. Wilkes is a former public school teacher and professor of gifted education, who has been helping students for over 40 years. Learn more about Dr. Wilkes

If you would like to speak with Dr. Wilkes to see if she might be a good fit for you and/or your child, please contact our office by completing this short form and ask for a free 15 minute consultation. https://forms.gle/WNG7e3wEtxdG3Nuu6

    Client Story: “Jaime”

    Jaime is a 17 year-old who has been diagnosed with ADHD and executive functioning. He is a member of his high school’s baseball and cross country teams. He has always resisted working with a therapist or a coach, but after the parents had a session with Dr. Wilkes, where she suggested that she and Jamie have a 15 minute video chat, he was willing to give it a try. That was nearly a year ago, and Jamie asked his parents to continue the sessions again this school year.

    Client Story: “Cory”

    Cory, who considers themselves non-binary, but hopes someday to transition to life as a male, came to work with Dr. Wilkes due to dyslexia, ADHD, and anxiety. While the first few sessions focused on academic challenges at school, Cory found Dr. Wilkes to be a safe haven for talking about the challenges of being a non-binary teen. Dr. Wilkes coached Cory on the importance of being an autonomous learner who could speak up for accommodations that were a part of their 504 plan.