By Dr. Jeannie Lopez

Summit Center’s Dr. Jeannie Lopez offers consultations for individuals and families who want to learn more about managing health concerns with therapies or treatments inside and outside mainstream medicine. After years of managing unique and medically complex issues within her family, Dr. Lopez has combined her psychology background with functional medicine knowledge to help clients learn about alternative treatments, better manage chronic symptoms, and support lifestyle changes. To set up an appointment with Dr. Lopez, please complete this short form: https://forms.gle/WNG7e3wEtxdG3Nuu6 .

Sam* was a Bay Area dad with nonstop responsibilities – working multiple jobs and attending school on top of being a husband and father. He sought my help after coping with various health issues such as eczema, digestive issues, weight and muscle mass loss, and fatigue.  He was focused on his career and excitedly awaiting the birth of his second child.  Through functional lab testing and a thorough health and lifestyle history, we uncovered some of the underlying sources of his challenges.  Sam was sensitive to various foods and had some parasites and bacteria in his gut that were leading to digestive difficulties.  We also explored his stressful lifestyle, how his sleep suffered, and that he was not exercising.  Through supplementation and consultation, we developed a gradual plan to improve his health.  The first step was to make some significant dietary changes.  Sam worked with his wife on shopping and cooking.

Given that their first child had severe food allergies, Sam was already familiar with label reading and had some nutrition knowledge.   By eliminating foods for three months and then gradually introducing them, Sam finally made the connection between what he was eating and how he was feeling.  This motivated him to stay on the diet over time.  Sam also addressed the parasites and bacteria in his gut through various supplements, which also helped him regain his energy.  While we worked together, his second child was born, and Sam had difficulty continuing his progress. We took a step back and discussed what goals were realistic for him during this time period.  Sam focused on getting as much rest as he could as he was up at night, supporting his wife with their newborn.  Eventually, his eczema cleared up, he created a workout routine that worked with his schedule, and he continued his stress management practice.  

Sally came to me as a parent of two gifted children with multiple medical and learning issues.  She had been navigating regular Western medicine and wanted more information about functional medicine and alternative treatments. Additionally, she wanted to explore her own health issues.  Sally felt overwhelmed and without a path forward as each practitioner told her different things, leaving her questions unanswered.  Sally felt paralyzed by the process and came to me because she was not moving forward and was “just spinning.”  We discussed the family history and possible treatment paths, reviewed current medications and treatments, and explored her goals for herself and her children. We discussed questions that Sally could ask her providers in order to get more information to help her make and feel confident about her treatment decisions. I gave her some ideas about other treatments and providers to explore.  She and her family were also coping with adjusting to newly diagnosed food allergies. I gave her suggestions on where to buy foods, what foods to buy, and the cheapest way to get some of these foods, as specialty foods are often more expensive.  She decided on her next steps, which included some lab and environmental testing and some adjunct treatments from other providers.  She also explored the food recommendations, and she and her family were trying to expand their culinary tastes.

Madeline came to me as a parent of an elementary school highly gifted child who was having behavioral issues and was in counseling with another therapist.  I reviewed previous neuropsychological testing and explored Madeline’s child’s health history, which uncovered questions about gut functioning and allergies.  We discussed the relationship between health and behavior.  Given that Madeline was new to functional medicine, I educated her about starting with mainstream doctors to get some basic information and explained how further functional medicine testing could provide even more information, which could eventually guide a treatment plan.  Madeline had no prior knowledge of anything but mainstream medicine and did not even know what other services could be helpful to her child.  I suggested she explore the resources provided and return if/ when she wanted more targeted assistance. Our consultation helped Madeline better understand her child’s needs and provided the information she needed to progress.

I can help hard-working and stressed-out parents take control of their health. I work with my clients to reduce stress and create a roadmap to better health and well-being for all family members. I can guide parents to become advocates for themselves, be more proactive in a medical environment, and model that for their children. Sessions with my clients identify what I call H.I.D.D.E.N. stressors (hormones, immune, detoxification, digestive, energy, and neurological) and help you create a roadmap to health.   We will discuss your lifestyle habits (e.g., diet, rest, exercise, and stress management) and ways to improve them. The goal is to switch the focus from managing symptoms to actively making life changes to improve your health and well-being – so you can enjoy spending time with family and friends and fully enjoy life. What are your goals? A more balanced life, more energy, increased resiliency? Set up an appointment so I can help you and your family, too.


*Names have been changed to protect patient privacy.