Spiritual Sensitivity and Awareness Coaching

Dr. Paula Wilkes offers spiritual awareness coaching for teens and adults who want to harness and use their personal energy in order to build a stronger connection between their human and divine aspects. She teaches them how to self-soothe and modulate their sensitivities so they can effectively channel and experience their intensity and its gifts, rather than stuffing them away or trying to escape them. Some spiritually sensitive children and adults end up with depression, anxiety, and autoimmune issues from the stress of living with sensitivities they don’t understand and can’t contain. These sensitivities can lead to loneliness and self-doubt, and for this reason, Dr. Wilkes works to nourish the minds, hearts, and bodies of these exquisitely sensitive people and help them develop a connection to a Higher Source. Many gifted people who are spiritually sensitive do not feel safe in this world with all the chemicals, aggressive people, and over-bearing sights, sounds, and challenging world events. It is a nice reminder that by building up our minds, hearts, and bodies (our personal energy), and by creating a strong connection with our divine aspects, even a spiritually sensitive person can feel safe in, and have a positive impact on, this world.

Advanced Spiritual Guidance Coaching
These sessions are designed for those teens and adults who are well-aware of their spiritual sensitivity and who have been engaged in their own spiritual practice. Because no spiritual practice or spiritual journey is meant to be standardized, these coaching sessions are highly organic and evolve along with the spiritual growth of the client. You will learn to be engaged with the world without being entangled. You will learn to live through both your humanity and your True Nature. You will learn to engage in communication with a spirit guide or Higher Source.

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Dr. Paula Wilkes is an educational therapist, coach, and consultant for gifted children and adults. She provides coaching and consultation services for parents and students for school-related issues, social-emotional issues including emotional regulation and anxiety, as well as spiritual and sensory sensitivities. Dr. Wilkes also serves as a coach for gifted and twice-exceptional adults who may be struggling with issues related to misdiagnosis, multipotentiality, anxiety, work and/or relationship challenges, and for those with a desire to make a stronger connection to their spiritual sensitivity. Dr. Wilkes is available virtually and has experience working with international clients. Learn more about Dr. Wilkes


Spiritual and emotional sensitivities are at the heart of giftedness, but they are often overlooked in discussions about this subject. Through the loving guidance of Paula Wilkes, I came to appreciate their vital importance for my individuation process. I am not sure what kind of person I would have turned out to be if Paula did not open my eyes to this fundamental truth about my being, but I am sure that her presence in my life played a transformative role I cannot really capture in words.

-- F.B., award-winning college instructor of physics and mathematics, writer, entrepreneur, and social justice activist

Describing their spiritual coaching relationship with Dr. Wilkes