Deanna Kim, M.Ed.

Deanna M. Kim, M.Ed.
Educational Therapist


Deanna Kim is an Educational Therapist specializing in academic coaching, executive functioning, and math interventions for children, teens, college students, and young adults. Currently she provides her services virtually both in California and other states. Deanna’s passion is to empower adolescents to grow in executive functioning skills through collaborating with parents, for which she coined the term T.O.P.S.© skills (Time Management, Organization, Planning, and Self-Understanding). For math support, Deanna uses Making Math Real methodology and demonstrates how learning math is another way to develop T.O.P.S. skills.


Deanna used to provide Executive Functioning skills coaching at The Athenian School in Danville, CA. Prior to joining Summit Center, she worked as a classroom teacher and learning specialist. Deanna graduated with a B.A. from UC Berkeley, an M.A. from University of San Francisco, and an Educational Therapy Certification from Holy Names University. A lifelong learner at her core, she continues to set goals and build sustainable habits. One of Deanna’s recent personal accomplishments is doing a handstand, and she is the blessed mother of twin boys.


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