Dr. Paula Wilkes

Paula Wilkes, Ph.D.
Coach for Gifted Children and Adults
Los Angeles
Dr. Paula Wilkes is a Coach for Gifted Children and Adults at the Summit Center in Los Angeles. Dr. Wilkes provides cognitive coaching, counseling, and consultation for parents and students on gifted and “twice-exceptional” issues (including sensitivity and intensity). In addition, she is a coach for gifted and twice-exceptional adults who may be struggling with issues related to misdiagnosis, multipotentiality, anxiety, work and/or relationship challenges, and a desire to make a stronger connection to their spiritual sensitivity. Dr. Wilkes is available for face-to-face consultations in Los Angeles, and by Skype, with experience working with international clients. You can learn more about her at, http://www.coachingthegifted.net/.
Dr. Wilkes has worked in gifted education for more than 35 years as a public school teacher, a university professor, and a gifted consultant. She is also the author of curriculum designed to promote higher-level thinking through the dimensions of depth and complexity (J Taylor Education). Dr. Wilkes has experience with bioenergy work that promotes wellness and modulates the negative impacts of high sensitivity and intensity.

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