The Summit Center offers individual, family, and group counseling (also known as psychotherapy) utilizing a strength-based approach to problem-solving and optimizing growth potential through a developmental lens.

We believe counseling needs to be provided in a safe and respectful manner through a caring and holistic approach. Trust and relationship are so important for feeling safe and for change. We understand that anxiety, worry, sadness, and depression can be necessary components of growth and development. While emphasizing positive developmental pathways, we acknowledge the inevitable challenges of painful life processes and transitions. Though difficult, these challenges may become catalysts for further growth and change. We seek to enhance each individual’s capacities to connect with others, enjoy meaningful work, and discover their natural abilities for learning, growth, and increased well-being.

Our counseling services can help clients address a wide variety of issues.

In addition, we understand that individuals’ expressions of their thoughts and feelings and themselves may vary across the life span of developmental tasks. We have a lot of experience working with individuals who have “asynchronous development” as well and can address the issues of strengths simultaneously with areas of individual challenge – the whole person. We also try to see people within the context of their environment, relationships, and cultures.

Summit Center has vast experience and is a leader within the gifted and twice-exceptional field. With this unique lens, our professionals can offer a lens where those can be seen and held and understood, also essential for change.

Our approach synthesizes elements from positive psychology, cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, humanistic, and existential frameworks. We do what works.