Build Academic Confidence with Executive Function Coaching from Dr. Rupa Robbins

Executive functioning skills are an integral part of success in middle and high school. If you feel like your middle or high-schooler needs explicit support in the areas of time management, prioritization, planning, and/or organization, executive function coaching might be a good fit. While families shelter in place, and schooling has moved online, you may see signs that your child is not reaching their full academic potential. Children who lack self-awareness around their strengths and challenges may benefit from an approach designed to build their academic self- confidence and teach self-advocacy skills.

A former teacher, Dr. Robbins can work with your child on a weekly basis to help them understand and leverage their strengths and build self-confidence. Coaching will include:

• Setting long and short-term goals and identifying pathways to achieving those goals
• Tackling obstacles
• Developing the soft skills associated with academic success (self-awareness, self-management, meta-cognition, etc.).

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