Amy Parlin Feldman, M.Ed.

Amy Parlin Feldman, M.Ed.
Licensed Educational Psychologist
LEP #3900
Walnut Creek
Amy Feldman is a Licensed Educational Psychologist (L.E.P. #3900) who provides a full range of cognitive, educational, psychoeducational and neuropsychological evaluations at Summit Center’s Walnut Creek office.
She holds a B.A. in Psychology from Yale University and an M.Ed. in School Psychology from the University of Washington. Amy’s unique perspective draws on over a decade of experience conducting comprehensive evaluations in public school and private practice settings, conducting group and individual counseling for students, and providing consultation services for parents and educators. Amy began her career as a fifth grade teacher and is the parent of two wonderful boys attending local schools. She draws on the insights and real-world knowledge gleaned from these varied roles to bring parents and educational teams together and to develop effective, strengths-based supports that meet a child’s unique needs. Amy has a passion for conducting diagnostic evaluations of preschool-aged children, identifying twice-exceptional learners, working with teams to bring out the best in students managing symptoms of ADHD and anxiety at school, and collaborating with families around supporting highly and profoundly gifted children. She is also a Certified Autism Specialist.

Amy’s book “When I Am Calm,” is available for pre-order at Amazon or Gifted Unlimited.  


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