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new evaluator, two podcasts on home schooling and life lessons, research survey, and more!



June 2019 – Summit Center Update – Nurturing Everyday Creativity in Children, podcasts on Fatherhood and Emotional Health, Upcoming Events, and more!

May 2019 – Summit Center Update: Mindful Parenting of High Needs Kids, Camp Summit for Gifted Youth still open, podcasts on Neurodiversity and Clutter-Free Parenting, new definition of giftedness, and more!

April 2019 – Summit Center Update: Setting Limits & Sticking To Them, Terrific Toddlers and Encouraging Volunteerism on the Parent Footprint Podcast, upcoming events, and more!

March 2019 – Summit Center Update: Strengthen Executive Functioning by Deanna Kim. Plus, how to handle social media and teenagers on the Parent Footprint Podcast, and more.

February 2019 – Summit Center Update: Bring Out the Best in Your Child, new on the Parent Footprint Podcast, groups for parents of gifted & 2e learners and more!

January 2019 — Summit Center Update: New podcasts on Launching Your Child. Plus, counseling services, Bright & Quirky Online Summit, Dr. Dan is now on Instagram!

December 2018 — Summit Center Update: New podcast on Navigating Parent-Teen Relationships. Plus, explaining IEP plans, Dr. Dan article in Spanish, and more!!

November 2018 — Summit Center Update: A Source of Solace & Strength. Use creative expression to help recover from traumatic events, new podcast, NAGC conference, and more!

October 2018 — Summit Center Update: The Evolution of 2e: Article by Dr. Dan Peters, new podcasts, “Taming the Worry Monster” lecture video now on demand, & more.

September 2018 — Summit Center Update: Parenting in the Real World: Parenting podcasts, expanded trainee program, last chance for groups, and more!

August 2018 — Summit Center Update: With Understanding Comes Calm, new 2e discussion groups, parenting podcast, remembering Dr. Webb & more.

July 2018 — Summit Center Update: Parenting Differently Wired Kids, Tilt Parenting, new parenting podcasts, upcoming SENG conference, & FREE ebook!

June 2018 — Summit Center Update: Coaches Aren’t Just for Athletes: helping gifted college students, podcasts on being “present” with your kids, upcoming SENG conference & more!

May 2018 — Summit Center Update: Dr. Dan Podcasts on Supporting Girls and Women, Camp Summit, Spring Reading List, & More

April 2018 — Summit Center Update: Bright & Quirky Online Summit, parenting podcasts with Dr. Ken Ginsburg and Greg Pincus, Dr. Ginny Ritchey offers therapy at new Marin office, upcoming events, & more!

March 2018 — Summit Center Update for March: Create a Habit for Appreciation with the Morning Bucket, new Parent Footprint podcasts, parenting course, Dr. Dan article on school violence & more!

February 2018 — Summit Center Update: Managing Fear about the FLU; new podcasts with Scott Barry Kaufman and Jen Lumanlan, new books, and more!

January 2018 — Summit Center Update: Live Life Fully in 2018; new podcasts with Jonathan Mooney and Carolyn Dalgliesh on learning differently, new parenting group, and more!

December 2017 — Summit Center Update: New Podcasts on Learning Dis-“Ability” and Online Communities, key resources, plus new parenting workshop!

November 2017 — Summit Center Update: New podcasts on Mentally Strong Parenting and Entitlement Intervention, Dr. Dan on TV, Mini SENG Conference & more.

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