For some children their strength or superpower is easy to see at school. For other children their superpower is hidden and reveals itself outside of the formal schooling experience. Summer is a wonderful time to identify, explore, and nurture strengths and passions. Summer also offers the opportunity to take an indirect route to practice an area of challenge while engaged in a preferred activity.

How can you help your child build his/her superpower?
1) Take an interest survey with your child and talk about your similarities and differences.
2) Enroll your child in a class or summer camp that peaks his/her interest.
3) Learn by doing through an apprenticeship or volunteer work in an area of strength or interest.
4) Practice a striving area such as reading, writing, or math facts through a preferred medium (art, science, technology, music, movement).
5) Allow time for reflection or explore mindful meditation together as a family.

When strengths and challenges become a family conversation it helps your child to understand the unique gifts he/she has to share with the world. Superpowers become stronger as your child learns more about him or herself. This self-knowledge empowers your child to autonomously navigate his/her educational journey through middle school and beyond with confidence.

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