In his roles as Executive Director of Summit Center, author of books on creativity and worry, and national speaker on raising creative kids who can communicate and lead fruitful lives, Dr. Dan Peters finds himself writing a lot about his personal life. Not only is he an expert in these areas professionally but he also has many personal experiences that have led him to this field–experiences like many of us have as everyday human beings, family members and most importantly, parents.

In honor of Father’s Day, we have collected a small round up of some of Dr. Dan’s best and most personal articles that reflect on what it means to be part of a family both literally and universally. We hope you enjoy them.

What I Learned From My Dad About Being a Father

“When I got married, I gave my Dad a card telling him that I hoped to be the father that he was to me. He told me that I would be a much better father than he was. I really didn’t understand what he meant. How was that possible? In my mind, he was always there, provided for us, and was (and is) someone I know I can always count on. I had really had no idea about being a father at that time in my life. He seemed to make it look so easy.” 

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What I Learned From Anne Frank and My Grandma

My grandmother, born in 1911, in Latvia has trouble remembering what she had for breakfast. However, she still remembers bullets flying overhead when leaving her village at age four, and being lucky to be taken in with her mother into a barn by a kind farmer when she was ill.

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Dad Guilt

First, I say goodbye to my 12-year-old son, who says, “Why are you leaving… that sucks.” Then comes my almost-14-year-old daughter, who says “bye” as we hug in a way to let me know she is not happy about me leaving again. My 10-year-old daughter lets me off easy and says, “Goodbye, daddy,” with a smile — only because she is engrossed in her new fashion iPad app. Later, she will ask my wife, “Where is Dad?”

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We hope you have a fabulous Father’s Day celebrating those men who provide part of the familial backbone.