Dr. Michelle Freeman

Michelle Limon Freeman, Psy.D.
Associate Director

Director of Assessment
Neuropsychologist, PSY 23888


Dr. Michelle Limon Freeman is both the Associate Director and Director of Assessment for Summit
Center. Dr. Freeman is known for her work with those who are highly sensitive, deep, creative,
intense, and talented. Through neuropsychological testing of giftedness, twice-exceptionality (2e),
and learning and processing differences, Dr. Freeman provides the highest quality of care by using a comprehensive model of assessment that is strength-based, therapeutic, and collaborative for youth and their families. By identifying an individual’s strengths, strategies, and unique abilities when faced with challenging tasks early on, the client is encouraged to use what they have learned about their processing style to confidently approach similar challenges in their learning environments. Dr. Freeman empowers youth and their parents through this collaborative and therapeutic testing process. Her clinical interests include neurodiversity, neurocognitive processing, emotional sensitivities, and the skill development of the gifted and twice-exceptional.


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