Consulting for Parents

Parents of Gifted Children

  • Are you overwhelmed with all this gifted stuff?
  • Need help connecting to gifted resources?
  • Do you need help putting together an action plan?
  • Are you overwhelmed with researching schools in the SF Bay Area?
  • Do you have specific questions relating to raising or living in a gifted family?
  • Are you getting your needs met while raising a family?
  • Have you ever thought of forming your own parent gifted advocacy group in your school district?
  • Do you need help on ways to make your family life less chaotic and more organized?
  • Are you at loss how to manage your child’s collections or treasures?

Our parent consultant works with parents of gifted children, using short-term, goal-oriented meetings to help focus on reaching your aspirations.  We can help you build a “road-map” and break the task down into manageable pieces within a reasonable time frame.    We understand that you have unique needs. We understand gifted kids and adults.  Phone calls and e-mail contact between meetings are included to support you.

Parents of gifted children may benefit from participating in a Parent Discussion Group.
Parents may also be questioning if they themselves are Gifted Adults.