Consultation Services for Families

Managing the New Normal with Dr. Ginny Ritchey During these unsettling times, many families are encountering everyday challenges of managing multiple schedules, work, homeschooling, and household tasks, as well as the overall thoughts and feelings attached to living through a pandemic.

Dr. Ginny Ritchey, licensed clinical psychologist with Summit Center, explains: “This period of sheltering-in-place is a unique time in our lives, and one that will likely never happen again. With the right tools, attitude, and approach, this period is an ideal opportunity for each family to bond and grow together.”

Dr. Ritchey is now offering consultation services to parents who are attempting to manage the “new normal” in their family’s lives, especially families with young children. She will work with you and your spouse to help you take the first steps to successful adjustment, modify expectations, keep perspective, and remember the larger picture. Dr. Ritchey will give you the tools that you need to hold down your job, educate your children, and manage everyday tasks, all while mitigating anxiety.

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Support Learning-from-Home with Amy Feldman, LEP Is your uniquely-wired child having a hard time with online learning? Are you looking for new ideas to help support your student during this challenging time? Amy Feldman, Licensed Educational Psychologist, is available for phone/video consultations with parents of students in Kindergarten through 8th grade. Amy is a former teacher and has years of experience with learning issues including dyslexia, Autism Spectrum, ADHD, anxiety, and giftedness. Needs which can be addressed might include:

  • Strategic planning to develop a daily learning routine that works for your family
  • Help with prioritization when it’s clear that it can’t all get done
  • How to incorporate accommodations into your child’s distance-learning
  • Specific learning strategies to support your child

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Build Academic Confidence with Child Coaching Services from Dr. Rupa Robbins While families shelter in place, and schooling has moved online, you may see signs that your child is not reaching their full academic potential. Children who lack self-awareness around their strengths and challenges may benefit from an approach designed to build their academic self- confidence and teach self-advocacy skills.

A former teacher, Dr. Robbins can work with your child on a weekly basis to help them understand and leverage their strengths and build self-confidence. Coaching will include:

• Setting long and short-term goals and identifying pathways to achieving those goals
• Tackling obstacles
• Developing the soft skills associated with academic success (self-awareness, self-management, meta-cognition, etc.).

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To make an appointment, email or call 925-939-7500.