Summit Center’s Dr. Paula Wilkes has created a new option for gifted children in grades K-5 called Cognitive Coaching: Intellectual Challenge for Gifted Brains. Educational therapy has long been an important option for gifted kids who are struggling academically. Cognitive Coaching is different in that it provides intellectual and academic challenge for gifted kids who aren’t necessarily struggling in school. Any child signed up for Cognitive Coaching will work with Dr. Wilkes using games and activities designed specifically for that child in order to engage the brain at the optimal level of challenge and enjoyment. We will use activities such as Sudoku, logic puzzles, visual spatial problem-solving, math challenge problems, and manipulative games. Dr. Wilkes will also introduce habits of mind designed to help each student be a more successful and engaged learner.

  • 30-60 minutes depending on the age of the student
  • Saturday sessions available

Dr. Wilkes works out of Summit Center’s Los Angeles office or elsewhere by appointment. Call 310.478.6505 or email for more information.

Learn more about our full Educational Therapy offering for students who are struggling in school here.