Adult Coaching

Why consider working with a coach?

The world’s greatest athletes, Olympians and professionals alike, see the value in working with a coach who can help them hone their skills and take them to the next level. Many professions, such as those in medicine, teaching, and counseling, require an internship supervised under the guidance of a mentor/coach. There is always more one can learn, and skills can be refined, and a coach is someone who can see you and direct you in ways you might not be able to experience on your own.

The same is true for a gifted adult. Whether you are a college student or someone whose college days are far behind you, the partnership you create with a coach enables you to earn more about your giftedness and its impact on your personal and professional life.

What topics might be discussed during a coaching session?

While each coaching experience is a unique exploration of a client’s personal journey, there are often common issues tat impact the life of a gifted adult:

• Multipotentiality
• Perfectionism
• Existential depression
• Anxiety
• Gifts and challenges of being an outlier
• Introversion/extroversion
• Spiritual sensitivity and heart-felt intuition
• Amplified ways of being
• Sensitivity and intensity
• Misdiagnosis and dual diagnosis
• Mindfulness
• Authentic self-perception
• Twice-exceptionality
• Interpersonal challenges
• Career challenges
• Finding personal meaning
• Creativity
• And MANY more…..

Interested in a coaching session?

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